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                • Talent recruitment
                Talent recruitment
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                Maritime Customer Service:
                1. Working experience is rich, with more than one year working experience in Shanghai passenger service is preferred;
                2. Quick response, strong expressive ability, strong communication skills and affinity;
                3. Have a good sense of customer service, a sense of responsibility, love and dedication.


                Freight Forwarder Documents:
                1. To check and sign documents for maritime exports;
                2. Work conscientiously, carefully and with a strong sense of responsibility.
                3. More than 1 year working experience.


                Maritime operations:
                1. 1. One-year working experience, familiar with the whole process of freight forwarding operation;
                2. Ability to operate related office software skillfully;
                3. Careful work, strong sense of responsibility, strong sense of service and team spirit.


                Haitie Business Explorer:
                1. Familiar with sea-rail intermodal operation process;
                2. Strong business negotiation and independent market development ability;
                3. Be able to adapt to travel and work abroad (Nanjing, Yiwu, Taicang), maintain and develop the local market.


                Customs declarer:
                Over 1 or 5 years experience in import and export declaration and inspection;
                2. Good at communicating and communicating, initiative, careful, conscientious and high understanding;
                3. Steady, sophisticated, affinity, good interpersonal skills;
                4. Driving with a driver's license.


                Direct passenger dangerous goods operation:
                1. Having more than one year experience in direct passenger operation of dangerous goods, can independently complete the operation task;
                2. Strong ability of organizing and expressing language and clear thinking;
                3. Careful, conscientious, responsible, hard-working, team spirit.

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